After a whole school year, whatever it may be, from childhood to high school, the anticipation of summer and holidays is a myth that passes from generation to generation. For the youngest children, summer is a fantastic time: slower rhythms, a few holidays, parents and relatives being able to find space and time to share. It is also a time to be outdoors, after the winter and the not-always-dry spring, a time to have fun and learn new things, to make new encounters and community experiences.

The summer is long and parents are often on the hunt for engaging activities that will enrich and pleasantly fill their children’s time, while waiting to go on holiday together! Colonies and Summer Camps, residential or day camps, sports, creative, study, in nature: there really is plenty to choose from. Whatever it is, summer activities for children and young people certainly offer many advantages, as well as an alternative to inactivity and… screens!

Summer activities engage and stimulate children in many ways:

They promote physical health by encouraging movement: the longer days and warmer weather encourage children to spend more time outdoors, playing and running. This helps them burn energy, develop motor skills and stay healthy. Being outdoors allows children to fill up on vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones and the immune system. In addition, physical activity during the day often improves sleep quality and leads to children sleeping better at night.

Mental health and social skills also benefit greatly: fun and relaxation free children from stress and stimulate creativity and good humour. Playing with other children helps develop social skills such as communication, cooperation and conflict resolution. Time spent outdoors and in nature can stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. Finally, summer activities can be a unique opportunity to learn new things, such as learning about the local area, flora or fauna, or new sports activities.

Well-established, My School Ticino’s bilingual Summer Camp is also a meeting place for children who do not attend the Institute during the year, but who come here to spend new summer weeks. This year’s theme: the mythical journey of Ulysses, the best-known and most adventurous Greek hero, whose fascinating stories will provide wonderful backdrops for the children’s days here. Outdoor games, sports, foreign languages, water activities, nature trips, storytelling and creativity – the possibilities are endless. With My Summer Camp, we opt for a melting pot of everything, so there is certainly never a dull moment!

Flyer My Summer Camp 2024 – The Journey of Odysseus 

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