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Docenti ed educatrici

Alessandra Milani

Thirty years of her life between the USA and Japan mainly in the field of the research, first in veterinary medicine and later in education. She starts her activity in the educational area as a teacher, then consolidates her expertise as an educational manager at several international bilingual schools of excellence. Over the years, she has carried out a broad range of advisory activities, led seminars and workshops, and published a book with one of Japan's leading publishing houses in which she argues for the need to renew educational action on the basis of the principles of learner-centred education. She was the creator, then the founder and director, in Tokyo, of an Italian language and culture programme for children in pre-school and primary school, aimed at the Italian-Japanese community.

Silvia Troilo

Docente di sostegno pedagogico

Alessandra Lietti - Science teacher

Alessandra has a degree in natural sciences and diplomas in professional and social teaching. She did a training course on zoo anthropology with SIUA. She is now specializing in educational robotics. At My School she takes care of the Outdoor Education and the teaching of the STEM disciplines.

Arianna Sacchi Cowan - English mother tongue and art teacher

High school diploma at Lyceum Accademy Milan in experimental workshops. Arianna has organized creative art workshops for schools over the last ten years. She bi-lingual (Italian/English) and she currently works as English art teacher at the primary school. She has gained experience and specialization getting international Cambridge certificates: Celta Celty, CLIL and Jolly Phonics. Arianna has participated in Montessori pedagogy courses.

Barbara Simoncelli - Montessori teacher

Barbara holds a specialized degree in Socio-Educational Processes and has been involved in educational counseling and cognitive enhancement for several years. She has her degree from the Opera Nazionale Montessori for elementary school and has experience teaching several years in a method school. She also trained as a psychometrist that allows her to evaluate psychomotor and emotional aspects related to the child's development process.

Claudia Casnati - Montessori teacher

Claudia has got her diploma form the Opera Nazionale Montessori in didactic differentiation for pre-schools and primary schools. Over the years Claudia has attended various training courses on the Montessori method, psycholinguistics, DSA, BES and ADHD. She has a long and rich experience as a class teacher and as a member of the Montessori schools commission.

Danute Ereminaite – Music teacher

Danute Ereminaite, a passionate musician, is an opera singer and choir director. She studied at the Kaunas Conservatory in Lithuania, in Germany and at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, becoming a music teacher for children and young people. She is multilingual and pursues an approach in her work that combines the best of different pedagogical philosophies.

Elisa Varisco - Montessori teacher

Graduated in Science of primary education, has a specialization as a special needs teacher and has a diploma, awarded by Opera Nazionale Montessori, in didactics differentiation for 6-11.
As a special needs teacher has worked as the representative for the GLI committee (working group for inclusion) and as a Montessori class teacher has embraced a multicultural approach taking part in Erasmus+ committees, courses and formation trips, both in Italy and abroad.

Martine Peverelli - French teacher

After graduating from high school in Geneva, she completed her training in technical subjects across the Gotthard. A FSEA/EUROLTA certified teacher, she has more than 20 years' experience of teaching French to adults, children and young people in cantonal and public schools as well as in further education institutes. She has been preparing children and adults for DELF exams for several years.She gives individual or group lessons for My Languages and is a French teacher for primary school children at My School Ticino.

Mattia Sanseverino - P.E. teacher

Degree in physical sciences at the Milan University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He has a master in athletic preparation for children and in proprioceptive postural reprogramming (RIVA method, DELOS). He has got a lifeguard license (FIN/SSS) and a European First Aid certificate (BLS-D). He is an expert in karate and he helps prepare young athletes and children for sport activities.

Samantha Juliet Rae - English mother tongue teacher

Degree in languages with top marks from The University of Exeter, U.K. Samantha’s nationality is British and she has deepened her linguistic studies in Italian, French and German. She has seven years of experience as coordinator and English teacher in bilingual schools.

Tenzin Scheidegger - English teacher

Tenzin has degrees in Primary Education, Psychology, and Health Sciences. She is plurilingual with English, French, Tibetan, Hindi, and Swiss German. Tenzin is Swiss with her roots in Tibet. She has worked in India and Zurich, respectively, teaching English in Primary and Kindergarten. She will be teaching English at My Kid. She will also work at My Extra School for after-school support.

Oana Gabor - Docente co-titolare bilingue

Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and French language and literature, with psycho-pedagogical studies, she earned the International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy and the Montessori Teacher Training Course at Montessori Centre International in London, UK. After working 4 years with young children in a Montessori British school in Madrid, Spain she took the AMI International Montessori course for the elementary school in Bergamo, Italy. She has the QTS which enables her to teach in primary schools in England. She is a citizen of the world, with a growth mindset, creative and always eager to learn. She is passionate about the Montessori philosophy, the latest studies in education and innovative practices in schools. She works as co-teacher for Mykid delivering the Montessori curriculum in English.

Amministrazione e Segreteria

Elisabetta Masini

Bachelor in Marketing and Business Communications; Elisabetta has a specialized degree in Economic Sciences and a master in Project Management at the EAE Business School of Barcelona. Elisabetta worked at the USI Institute for Business Research (IRE) and later as manager and administrative director at the San Benedetto Foundation in Lugano. For the San Benedetto Foundation Elisabetta managed the preschool, primary, and middle schools as well as dedicating herself to the management of a nursery for a few years. For the teachers’ union Elisabetta collaborated with the Ticino Christian Social Organization (OCST). Since the autumn 2019 Elisabetta works as an organisational consultant at My School Ticino and she is currently the Administrative Director of the Medacta For Life Foundation .

Laure Maridort

With a Diploma in foreign languages and literatire Laure came to My School Ticino following work experenience in Medacta SA . She is a young asset and always cheerful she supports the school and front offices and the management.

Manuela Ciccone

Manuela has got solid experience as Executive & Office Assistant. She works in the administration department, front office and is in charge of Mastercom System, manages supply and sponsoring and gives support to the company’s communication department. She manages the office for My Languages language school and gives support to the school management.

Marta Brusa

After her degree in law, Marta followed a basic accounting course at the Lugano Business School. Marta has experience as administrative and executive assistant. At My School Marta works as secretary, in the front office and gives precious administrative help to the school management in various ways.

Siria Chiesa

Siria has a degree in Modern Literature as well as in Psychological Sciences at the Milan Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University. She has a master in Training Trainers and has attended specialization courses in perinatal psychology and educational psychology. Since 2003 Siria has worked in training, HR coordination and has organized and managed art and charity projects.She now works as Communication Manager for My School Ticino.

Support staff

Alessandro Bressan

Alessandro is our handyman. He keeps our My Town village in order, mends, repairs, removes, builds: there is nothing he cannot fix! Whenever something gets broken the children say:”thank goodness there’s Ale!”

Loretana Muscio

Her daily job is to disinfect, tidy and clean the school environment where children and teachers alike spend their school day. All the objects and furniture need her precious daily care.

Monica Caldirola

Her daily job is to disinfect, tidy up and clean the school environment where children and teachers alike spend their school day. All the objects and furniture need her precious daily care.

Raquel Bravo Pasqua

Her daily job is to disinfect, tidy up and clean the school environment where children and teachers alike spend their school day at the nursery. All the objects and furniture need her precious daily care.

Sonia Bonetti

Her daily job is to disinfect, tidy up and clean the school environment where children and teachers alike spend their school day. All the objects and furniture need her precious daily care.

Kitchen crew

Chef Nicola Rigamonti

A chef with extensive experience he gained his diplima at the Hospitality Institute in Chiavenna. He then widened his exreience learking specific techniques of preparation in different countries. He has worked in kitchens in Switzerland, Italy, France, London and all over the world. He cooks balanced and delicious meals for the children ( and teachers ) with grace and flair.

Chef Matteo Lodo

Matteo got his diploma from the Hospitality College “De Filippi” in Varese. He worked for many different restaurants, hotels and delicatessens both in Italy and Switzerland. He joined Nicola in the kitchen in 2019 and prepares the daily meals for the children and school staff.

Cinzia Mancuso

E’ impegnata quotidianamente nel preparare i pasti per i bambini e nel dare una mano alle sezioni durante il pranzo. Risorsa di grande valore, fa parte della brigata di cucina.

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