We told you in the previous Newsletter about the wonderful adventure of the 8 youngsters (6 pupils and two former pupils) from My School Ticino who took part in the  FIRST® LEGO® League competition, the international robotics challenge held every year all over the world.

The competition is an essential venue for promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education among young people, as well as providing them with a platform for applying theoretical knowledge in practical contexts, and encouraging innovation and imagination. Through the design and programming of Lego robots, participants learn to solve real-world problems in creative ways, preparing themselves for the challenges of the future. One of the most significant elements of the competition is the emphasis on collaboration: participants do not compete just for themselves, but work together in teams to achieve common goals. This teaches them to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts, to value diversity of thought and to appreciate individual contributions to the success of the group.

Events like the LEGO® League competition are an example to the unlimited potential of young minds when encouraged, inspired and supported. Each participant brings with them a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge that contribute to the richness of the shared experience. The young participants become true pioneers of innovation, on a path to the future driven by creativity, technology and collaboration.

The regional competition was held in Bellinzona on 3 February, an elimination round that takes the top three teams to the Swiss final in Lausanne on 2 March.
Our boys, the MASTERBOTS, this is the name chosen for the team, came to Bellinzona accompanied by their educator and coach Alessandra full of enthusiasm and emotion. Hours and hours of training here at My School Ticino, from October to today, to send their robot on a mission and present the research project developed on the theme chosen for the competition for the year 2023-2024: the MASTERPIECESM challenge, a challenge in which the participating teams imagined new ways of creating and communicating art around the world.

The MASTERBOTS, at their first competition and by far among the youngest participants in the Bellinzona competition, defended themselves brilliantly, drawing attention to their fine work. They won over their colleagues from the other teams and judges with their competence and friendliness, but above all: they won one of the six prizes up for grabs!
The participating teams compete in four categories (Robot Game, Robot Design, Research and Teamwork) and are judged by referees and a panel of judges. In addition to the category prizes, the prize for the best coach and the overall first prize for the best overall performance in all categories (excluding coaching) are awarded.
In view of our values, the MASTERBOTS won the prize of prizes: that of the CORE VALUES, namely ‘enthusiasm, sportsmanship and exceptional respect’ (cit.).
Many thanks to coaches Alessandra and Corrado and… well done guys: with courage, determination and extreme skill, you have taken the first step towards many other new challenges to grow together with energy and enthusiasm!

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