For Maria Luisa Siccardi Tonolli, philanthropy is not just a personal endeavor, it is a family legacy deeply intertwined with the company’s operations and the dedicated individuals who work there day after day. It is about commitment, dedication, vision, and a genuine concern for individuals and society as a whole.

Medacta for Life Foundation, born over a decade ago alongside My Baby Nursery School, now operates in support of medical missions (My Mission), social initiatives (My Giving), and early childhood education (My School Ticino). A significant commitment has been made to children and young people, the future of our entire society, in an effort to collectively create a better world. This vision extends beyond boundaries, advocating for systemic actions, networking, and collaboration among all organizations involved, indispensable conditions to ensure tangible, measurable, and lasting results.

Let’s come together and strive for a brighter world.

Maria Luisa Siccardi Tonolli is a Member of the Board of Directors dedicated to Group Corporate Sustainability, Vice President of Medacta for Life Foundation, and Founder of My School Ticino.

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